Thumbs up to Facebook’s crisis communication team – here’s why

Never underestimate the power of the press. The last two weeks have been straight from hell for Facebook's crisis communication team - with billions of dollars wiped from the company's market value following the Cambridge Analytica crisis. Nevertheless, they are doing a great job [...]

Was this just too Uber arrogant?

Ride-sharing firm Uber is edgy and disruptive, I get that. It’s part of the way that Uber positions itself to the market – it’s a hip service, not something stuffy and tired like a regular taxi. In fact, Uber goes to great lengths to underline that it’s not a taxi service.

Professional AR services now available in mainland Europe as KCG and Destrier team up

Award-winning analyst relations training services are now widely available in mainland Europe for the first time, as Destrier Communications partners with KCG, the Knowledge Capital Group.